Sane 20050723 release (bug fix)

Now available at

Changes in this release (Note there's now a changelog.os2 :P)
- Code added to handle a return code of 32772 in usbbulkread (Thanks Yuri!)
- Code added to clear halts after failed bulk read/write - fixes hangs in scanimage after scans complete
- Now tested on both an Epson Perfection 1670 & Canon LiDE20 prior to release
- Some files that aren't required removed from the distribution.

As always, feedback appreciated.

Contact details and details on how to enable debug support are in readme.os2



Updated Sane Build

From: Paul Smedley

Hi All, Updated build of Sane now available from

New in this release:
- updated source to latest CVS
- fixed bug in debug information for usbbulkread
- updated to latest GCC - libc06r1.dll now required.



Basic website for Sane with USB Support available

News From: Paul Smedley

Hi All,

I've created a basic (very basic!) website for Sane for OS/2 with USB support at

Updated binaries will be listed on this site, as well as information on current status of working scanners/backends.


Another Sane/2 Update

From: Paul Smedley

I've just rebuilt Sane/2 again to include latest usbcalls code.

If the previous build is working for you, there is no major reason to upgrade.

If the debug logs show hangs in usbbulkread - then this update is important.

Update requires new usbcalls.dll -

Once again, I'm providing two zips - the complete release:
& just the updated backend code (unzip over existing release) -

Note that I've removed the date from the filenames so that the link always points to the latest version.

So far, I have received reports of the following scanners working:
- Epson Stylus Scan 2000 (Epson backend)
- Epson Perfection 1670 (Snapscan backend)
- Mustek ScanExpress 1200 UB Plus (gt68xx backend)
- Umax 1220U (umax 1220u backend)

Once again, please refer to test.cmd and readme.os2 for further information on using this release.



Updated Sane/os2 build

News From: Paul Smedley

Hi All,
Updated build of Sane for OS/2 now available.

For new installs: (approx 3mb)

For existing installs:

This releases fixes a bug in sanei_usb_get_vendor_product that caused the following error in the debug logs:
[sanei_usb] sanei_usb_get_vendor_product: access method 2 not implemented

It also implements sanei_usb_control_msg()

Note that I haven't yet implemented all of the API calls in sanei_usb.c

Based on feedback from users, these will be implemented. Therefore it is very important to send me the debug logs using the methodology in the readme file.



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